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EMAYA has presented an application for smartphones, tablets and websites that will allow the public to report incidents in the street and follow-up the actions taken.

30 of april 2012

The application is free and is available as of today for Android, IOS and websites, it has been designed to speed up responses to requests for cleaning, rubbish collection and water-related issues.

Palma, the 30th of April, 2012.- At midday today, the Deputy Mayor for the Environment and President of the Municipal Company for Drainage and Water Supply Services (EMAYA), Andreu Garau, presented an application developed by the Technology and Communications Service (the STIC) for the municipal company. The application will run on Android, IOS and website platforms and enable Palma residents can use a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with an Internet connection to notify EMAYA of any incidents detected in the street relating to cleaning, rubbish collection and water service matters. This new application can be downloaded free and will provide an added bonus to services provided by EMAYA's Contact Centre, which until now only responded to public requests on the 900 724 000 free phone number or to mails sent to and the company website at

This new tool, which has been developed by EMAYA employees, forms part of the 'Palma Neta 365' plan. This project, which was presented by Councillor Garau last October, seeks a greater public-orientated focus with respect to the numerous services provided by the municipal company with improved optimisation and the better use of resources, implemented through a firm commitment to savings and greater efficiency. At the presentation ceremony for the application, Councillor Garau stated that "Proving that EMAYA has a first-class team capable of developing these kinds of tools for me is a source of pride and satisfaction as, in addition to helping us improve the efficiency level of our processes, it represents a first step in being able to provide services with an added value to other companies, whether municipal or not, who may require them", the councillor added that "EMAYA is in a privileged position with regard to offering services to those who may need them".

The launch of this application is the result of the new management model applied by Councillor Garau for EMAYA centring on three basic areas: human resources, operations and finance. "This application is a new channel of interaction between the public and the company or the resources of the company, which will allow our Operations Department to resolve problems detected by the public in the municipality", he explained.

This incident management tool for mobile phones or websites can be downloaded free from the Iphone Appstore or from Android's Market, by typing the word "EMAYA", it can also be downloaded free from the municipal company website at

By using this application (which will include new modules in the near future), members of the public will be able to notify EMAYA of the incidents using their mobile communication devices and attach photographs of the problems being reported to the message sent. Users will also be able to use a real-time follow-up service to monitor the response status of the reported incident. Councillor Garau added "We hope that this will be an improvement for all members of the public, as they will also be able to see the development of the status of the incidents reported using their mobiles, and attach photographs in order to describe them in greater detail. The application also increases the transference of information and user accessibility to the company, while improving information access time".

According to the Deputy Mayor for the Environment, one of the main characteristics of this application, which has been developed by EMAYA's ICT service, is that it is easy to both download and use, Councillor Garau stated that "we believe it is a simple and intuitive tool, although it is up to the public who it is aimed at, to tell us if this is really the case".

The incident management processAfter the installation of the device, users will have to register their personal data before being able to activate the service by calling the EMAYA toll-free public service number, 900 724 000.

The application has been developed in Spanish and in Catalan, although Councillor stated that in the near future its contents will be translated into German and English.

The application opens in the 'incidents' mode, enabling users to notify EMAYA of any issues detected.

Users will be able to localise the incident either by completing the search field or by using the web map included with the application. Problems reported must specify if the matter relates to cleaning, rubbish removal or water services, and a field has been provided for descriptions of this type. Users can check on the status of incident response through to the matter's final resolution, which will be reported to the person who made the initial notification.

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